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Copyright Registration in India and Copyright Licences of Zee and YRF : EXPLAINED

Broadcasting and Media Solutions. It is engaged in the business of licensing the public performance rights including performances in hotels, restaurants, lawns, discotheque, resorts, malls and other venues for communication to the public on a commercial basis.

M/s Zee Entertainment Enterprise Limited and M/s Yashraj Films Private Limited has assigned the public performance of the ‘sound recordings’ of the songs contained in the films in favour of Novex as it’s ‘Assignee’ in accordance with the Copyright Act, 1957. Music at all public places needs an authorised license from the Assignee. Novex ensures extensive expertise and capabilities to ensure only authorised use of the song recordings. Copyright Registration in India or abroad is not mandatory by the Right owners as these copyright societies takes care of the content.

If we go through the agreement, it is stated that Novex is allowed to enter into non-binding agreements with third parties and act as its Authorised Agent. It has the right to initiate necessary civil or criminal proceedings to with prior permission from Yashraj Films. The authorisation has to be renewed from time to time. Last renewed in 2016, and is valid till 2018.

The special clause with the Zee Agreement is happening of a Force Majeure Event. In case of such an event the party has to notify the other party in writing stating the nature of such a delay. A Force Majeure event is the event in which the party is unable to fulfil its obligations due to circumstances which arise due to outside factors and not due to any fault of the parties.

The Anti-Piracy Team of Novex is very proactive when it comes to clients’ content. It has conducted over 1000 raids to ensure protection of the creator’s content. The team acts on over various platforms to ensure and keep intact its image and reputation of satisfying clients requirements.

To apply for copyright license of any of the clients of Novex, one needs to fill the Apply License Form provided on its official website and there is no requirement for Copyright Registration in India for these licences to be issued.

Mentioning the info like the name of the event, location, event company, whether celebrity or non-celebrity, ticketed or free, address of the company and its contact details.


  1. Novex Communications has obtained injunction order against 14 hotels for unauthorised palying of few songs of Zee and YRF.
  2. Novex has acquired the PPL License for Eros’ music library as on March 2017.
  3. The Court orders stay on various copyright societies from collecting royalties including Novex, stating that these organisations purely work for profit and no royalty actually reaches the artist. The society is barred from collecting money until the next hearing.

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