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Freezers for Science

It is not only food producers and retailers who require large capacity freezers to work safely and effectively.

Accuracy, optimum quality and performance are essential in scientific arenas and medical testing. A compromised sample or a product in development cannot be assessed correctly if the freezer capacity is inadequate to accommodate demand, is faulty or has broken down. This presents a risk of misdiagnosis, false readings and harm to the end user.

An emergency freezer hire service could make the difference between abandoning a project, retracing steps or pursuing an original plan and fulfilling a brief.

Effective freezer trailer rental

Professional freezer trailer rental and emergency freezer hire companies including the long established and reputable Icecool Trailers in Newbury understand that a faulty or broken down freezer could pose more than inconvenience to medical and laboratory based teams and processes. It could easily be a matter of life and death or cause distress to someone awaiting results.

The leading firms deliver facilities to site, set them up and make them ready for immediate use. There are no unnecessary delays, travel implications or fuel costs for the hire customer.  You need swiftness and sample salvation, experts will achieve it with the minimum of disruption.

Prepare for emergency freezer hire occasions

When time is of paramount importance there is little freedom to shop around, compare fees, legislation and customer service information. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you establish a shortlist of external and emergency freezer hire providers so that in a crisis, you have your course of action ready to be employed.

Don’t opt for the firm that is geographically closest but has so-so reviews. The firm mentioned above, Icecool Trailers, covers Berkshire, Hampshire, the Home Counties, London, the Midlands, South Wales and the Thames Valley with optimum efficiency. Emergency freezer hire services are available 24/7.

  • Freezer trailer rental units are competitively priced.
  • They are supplied in various sizes and capacities.
  • Leading firms proactively maintain their facilities.
  • All emergency and pre-booked units are hygienic and meet legislation.
  • The freezer hire company delivers and collects facilities for optimum convenience.
  • Moreover, self drive towing of external freezer hire trailers is not permitted.
  • Hire periods can be for any duration and are easily extendable.
  • Freezer trailers are set up by the hire firm.
  • External freezer hire units are on wheels and they can be positioned wherever they are needed. Car park, foyer, reception, adjacent to a laboratory window and so on.
  • They are powered via mains or generator.
  • Normal and emergency freezer hire units are lockable and the keys are left with clients.
  • Hire facilities are insured, any contents placed in them won’t be unless separate cover is sourced by the client.
  • No one can drive a freezer trailer away. Vans prove more tempting to thieves.
  • Freezer trailer rental facilities can be worked in. This meets with legislation.
  • The experience should be as stress free as possible.
  • Operations should be disrupted to a minimal degree.

Please speak to a professional service provider about enhancing your every day or emergency freezer facilities.

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