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How Do You Find Strong Keywords for “Sponsored Products”?

Picking the appropriate keywords is extremely important to the success of an ad on Amazon. The task for the trader is to uncover all the relevant keywords with the least possible effort. And make sure the ads for those keywords are showing too, a sales funnel can save you the stress, you can check this clickfunnels review 2017 to understand more.

This can help dealers find the optimal keywords from Amazon. For this purpose, automatic and manual campaigns are created with the same products. The two campaigns then run for a few days. This is followed by the analysis. Which search did terms generate lots of sales in the automated campaigns? These keywords will then be included in the manual campaign. The benefit to the merchant is that they know the best keywords, but in the manual campaign, they can better optimize their bids according to their metrics.

Keywords Need to be Further Optimized

If an ad does not receive impressions, it may be because the keyword is not included in the product information. That should be checked.

In addition, merchants should be sure to consider which keywords they have chosen to exclude the ad from a search. For example, the list includes properties that merchandise doesn’t have right now. For example, if the dealer offers the term “watch strap,” but has only rubber or synthetic leather on offer, “real leather” should be on the list of negative terms, this will show you how to sell on Amazon successfully.

Use Key Figures to Check Whether the Goals have been Archived

To find the best bids to click on an ad, you must periodically check the metrics that are delivered in the

Amazon Campaign Portal Campaign Manager.

It is very important to know your margin for each product before advertising. Only then can the dealer estimate how much profit will be generated after the use of advertising campaigns.

In order to calculate the profit per unit sold before the use of advertising, all costs incurred must be deducted from the sales price, clickfunnels pricing structure is an example of what to consider. These include sales tax, Amazon fees, actual production costs for manufacturing or purchasing, delivery costs (if not already included in Amazon fees), and any overheads (e.g., building costs, personnel costs, etc. per unit sold). Since Amazon delivers percentage values, the margin is calculated in percentages.

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