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How to choose a great keynote speaker

There is no shortage of candidates when you are choosing a keynote speaker for your corporate event, but how do you choose one who hits the right tone?

A keynote speaker should reflect the aims of not only your company but also the occasion. The musical analogy is apt – even if an orchestra tunes to the ‘A’ of a keyboard instrument, the oboe or first violin will still pick up the note and play it for the rest of the orchestra to make sure everyone can hear. The message your speaker is putting across should similarly reflect your firm’s ethos.

The term ‘keynote speaker’ was coined in the US in 1905 and their role has changed little since.


How do you go about getting the right speaker to inspire your workforce? A good starting point is to look at conference management companies Dublin and other major cities – a search such as ‘conference management companies Dublin’ will bring up various options. Whether an industry expert is appropriate or a professional speaker would be a better option, a conference management company will have the answer. You will also need to discuss whether you need a corporate speaker or whether a motivational speaker may be preferable.

It is vital to ensure that you are planning ahead. The best keynote speakers have very busy diaries and may need six or even twelve months’ notice of your event. The longer you have to discuss your requirements with the speaker, the better their speech will be. Issues such as location and scheduling, the make-up of the audience and your expectations all need to be discussed.


If you need board-level approval for your choice, this is another reason to plan well ahead. Part of the discussion with the board may be the cost of your first-choice speaker. This is another thing a management company can help, as they can conduct the negotiations. This is probably a sector that you are not familiar with and it is best left to the experts.

The relationship you develop with your conference management company will ensure you are both on the same page when it comes to the event, not only in terms of the audience expectations but also the choice of speaker and what they are required to deliver.

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