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How to join the ‘circular’ economy of your workplace

What do we mean by circular economy?

Recent climatic events have seen an increase in the urgency on individual, national and international levels to combat global climatic events by re-using resources and reducing greenhouse gasses.

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2020 will be the year that we really see the circular economy being put into practise in our working lives. The Guardian newspaper drew attention to this as far back as 2015.

The circular economy refers to the elimination of waste and re-utilisation of existing resources, something we are all familiar with in our domestic lives but which businesses have often been slow to adopt. The circular model is in direct opposition to the original linear business model which encourages businesses to make and then dispose of their assets so that they can be re-made.

So what can you do as a business to join the ‘circular’ economy?

Firstly, buy good quality long lasting furniture – this is the most environmentally effective way to equip and maintain your office. You can buy the operator chair and desk from office retailers, and these chairs last an incredibly long time and are ideal for small business use. Secondly and perhaps the most obvious, is to cut down on unnecessary paper and rubbish. Do you really need to print that document? Can it simply be forwarded to colleagues, or could you simply highlight what’s important and share this information?

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Other great initiatives include maintaining and fixing existing electrical equipment, remodelling existing office furniture and buying good quality items such as this operator chair which is designed to be durable, long lasting and highly attractive to the second-hand market as a re-saleable item.

Re-decorate and fix existing office fixtures and fittings such as ceilings and carpets, give them a good clean or paint, rather than replacing them. Donate any old office equipment to office recycling centres and think about energy saving in your office. What is the most economic and energy efficient way to heat the building, conserve energy and heat water?.

Be a forward thinking business

Lead by example, put the infrastructure in place to encourage staff to be more environmentally aware, make it someone’s responsibility to introduce initiatives and remunerate them for it. Place environmental issues higher up the agenda and watch the circular economy take on a power all of its own.

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