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Residence & Work permit

Starting a business in the Netherlands is a nice place for starting a business, every non-EU citizen who needs to work in the Netherlands has to get hold of a valid work permit. Either the employee or their potential employer may ask for the permit, although it is more often than not the employer who makes the ask for.

Residence & Work permit

Before starting a business in you must be sure you can stay in the Netherlands. EU, EEA and Swiss nationals are permitted to live and work in the Netherlands under EU law. If you don’t come from the country, or you’re not Swiss, then you will require applying for a residence permit and in some cases a work permit.

 Self-employed Residence permit

 It is possible to apply for a residence permit as a self-employed capitalist In the Netherlands. This application works with a points-based system, for which the smallest amount number of points must be met for the request to be successful. Importantly, the enterprise must dish up a necessary Dutch interest. Startup visa for entrepreneurs The accountant Netherlands offers a residence permit known as the startup visa.

Selecting a legal form for your business

You have to decide which legal form your business will take if you are resided and work in the Netherlands. It’s significant to want a structure with the right fit, as this determines the legal responsibility for your business debts and tax obligations.

Incorporated business structures 

An incorporated business structure requires a legal form, also known as a legal entity or corporate personality, in the shape of a notary’s deed. To defend the owners from any possible debt that the company incurs the legal form is necessary.

If you want to work so you must receive a GVV, who wish to work, asylum seekers, employees transferred within a multinational group. These individuals must request a TWV work permit separately from the UWV.

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