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Reviving old content to make it ‘new’ again

In today’s world of the 24/7 news cycle and the need to constantly update social media channels, thinking of new content ideas can get tricky. Content writers are often left wondering how to ensure a constant flow of engaging content, whilst enhancing your SEO and maintaining brand credibility.

The simple answer is re-publishing old content and giving it new life.

Adoni Media notes that if you are not reusing old content, you are harming your Return On Investment. After publishing an article, you would hope to see a fluctuation of traffic initially, but long-term goals should also be considered like the steady income of readers. Leaving old content to perish seems irrational after spending time crafting the post, and failing to give attention to your old content, will diminish your SEO.

Carefully choose your articles which deserve the revival. Look at your website analytics to discover which content is getting the least amount of traffic, and update articles that are worthy of restoration. Make sure your articles are appealing to potential readers, which will make it more attractive for Google’s algorithm. Simply re-sharing an article with poor traffic will do no good as it is likely new readers will be just as bored as old readers, giving your article a high bounce rate.

Here are some tips for reviving old content:

  1. SEO: work on incorporating words which your readers are searching. This may mean changing the title or subheadings
  2. Internal linking: hyperlink throughout your article to old blog posts to enhance user experience and improve search engine rankings
  3. Updating content: the signal to Google that a post has been updated can help ranking
  4. Video content: video content is on trend right now, so find a way to convert your blog topic into a video
  5. Promote it again: once your article has been updated don’t be afraid to re-share it on your social media channels to watch it come back to life!

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