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STX on the verge of becoming the next big thing in Hollywood. Bob Simonds delighted.

STX Entertainment is an American company which was found by Robert Simonds in Variety in 2014. This entertainment company specializes in television and film production, development, distribution and marketing and financing. This company also specializes in digital media and content which is related to virtual reality.

Symonds and McGlashan discussed the medium budget movies which had left the trends of Hollywood long back. So in 2014, they came up with the idea of STX Entertainment to finance, develop and produce medium budget movies across the world every year. In 2015, STX notified a deal with the Chinese company who would co-finance at least 18 movies in three years from 2016. This would increase the movies released by TSX from 12 to 15.

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Powerful Mini-major Company

STX Entertainment released outstanding six movies at the beginning of 2014 which became ten movies by 2016. STX Entertainment got major investments from two big investors in Hong Kong, which have made STX entertainment into a powerful Mini- Major firm which would spend more annually in making the movies. It also started endorsing its content the same big conglomerates like Disney, Sony, and Warner Bros.

STX Entertainment- The Next Big Thing in Hollywood

With no superhero movies, nor any franchises, this company is the only Hollywood industry, which has established its mark not only in America but across the world. Following points would explain why STX entertainment is going to become the next big thing in Hollywood.

  1.    Renowned Investors

The investors who have been investing the company’s projects are not normal investors.  But these investors are the renowned names and faces who have established themselves in the industry. The big names are TPG Growth, Hony Capital, Tencent, PCCW, DNS Capital and Liberty Global.

  1.    Famous Celebrities

The celebrities who are cast in the movies of this production house are famous and well-known personalities who are known worldwide. This helps the movies in becoming a success and is watched by the audience across the world.

  1.    Profits

Despite being made on a low budget, the movies of this production house have only given profits more than expected to the investors. For instance, in 2015, movie called The Gift had the budget of $5 million and it earned a profit of $59 million, another movie called Bad Moms had the budget of $20 million, and it earned a profit of $183.9 million.

  1.    Marketing Strategy

The STX Company promotes its movies in a way that everybody notices those movies. The promotion is done through newspapers, and through social media handles. Even the celebrities share the photos and videos from the movie and excite the audience to watch the movie.

Other upcoming projects of STX Entertainment in 2018 are

  •    I Feel Pretty which will be released on 20th April 2018.
  •    Adrift, will be released on 1st June 2018.
  •    Mile 22, will be released on 20th July 2018.
  •    The Happytime Murders will be released on 17th August 2018.
  •    Second Act will be released on 21st November.
  •    Ugly Dolls will be released on 10th May 2019.

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