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Top Five Office Design Hacks From the Experts

When you want your company to be successful, you need to be sure that you have the right type and size of office space for the everyday functions of your business before considering whether the office is designed correctly. Many times it will be worth consulting with a professional such as Wadham and Isherwood if you want to get it right before the design is even considered. Great office design will solve problems but stellar office design will take it a step even further. When you open up the lines of communication and give your staff the environment they need for various tasks, they will often be excited about being at work. Therefore, incredible office design can truly invigorate your workforce.

1. There can never be too much space or light

The lack of natural lighting can bring a negative impact on both productivity and mood so the employees and employers alike would benefit from more natural light exposure. This is an element that is too often overlooked when it comes to office design and it should be a major consideration when it comes to both office layout and design. There are countless studies showing how productivity improves with great natural lighting. Additionally, the eyes are designed to work best with changing levels of sunlight over the harsh artificial lighting in most offices. The natural light can cut back on eye fatigue and common headache complaints.

To bring about more natural light in your office setting, construct an open environment by taking down the interior walls, using glass for walls in private offices and cutting back on claustrophobic workstations.

2. Create different breakout spaces

The breakout space is more than just a spot where employees have lunch. They can also offer a nice place away from their desk which also aids in creativity. You can have a non-bookable breakout space that will foster informal chats or even just bring about a change in scenery. Such spaces bring down communication barriers and encourage spontaneity office-wide. Think about designating certain lounge areas or casual meeting spots in the office where employees can exchange thoughts or relax. Amazing ideas will come from spaces that are casual and inspiring.

3. Keep it nice and neat

You never want to have a workspace that is cluttered so go for tidy and organised. You will notice that it may not take any time at all for a clean workspace to become a complete mess so it is recommended that you ban the use of bins at desks as a way to avoid the pile up of trash at the workstations. This will also encourage recycling.

All will be lost if you still are not addressing issues with storage. This is often an afterthought with companies that take on office spaces but it will remain a big complaint, just after temperatures. When you plan out the space in your office, be sure that you include storage options.

4. Invest in quality furniture

While an office chair may be small in the grand scheme of things, your workers are spending a big portion of their day sitting on one. You never want to have uncomfortable chairs as it can bring about discomfort and lower back pain. Never skimp on your furnishings because a cheap chair can bring about complaints or even absenteeism. When you invest in a good chair and a monitor arm that is movable, you will have a nice workstation that will reduce both back and neck pain.

5. Brand the workplace

Branding in the office can be just as crucial as when you brand your stationary. The branding should not stop with just your website and business cards. It should also be brought into the workspace where everything happens each day. The branding should be around your employees and speak to your clients. You need to make this the environment, so wallpaper the walls with your brand images to always keep your employees motivated and focused.

Putting your logo in numerous places around the office will be a great way to create nice, visual interest. You can also carry through certain identifying factors in the space such as a certain idea, shape or colour. If you have a company that is based on being small and modern, be sure that your lighting and furniture speaks the same.

The look and feel of your office space can be a real foundation for corporate culture. When you are in the design process, be sure that you are careful with the furniture, lighting, equipment, colour palette and branding to bring together a wonderful environment that showcases what you are all about.

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