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Top Promotional Items Given Away at Trade Shows

In trade shows, promotional items can enhance the experience. It is a good way to manifest positive impression, instill motivation and create enthusiasm. Trade shows are a big opportunity, which can engender long-term positive memories. Promotional items can be distributed before trade shows to create anticipation as reminders. During trade shows, promotional items may serve as motivational reminders, especially if they are designed and made in a creative way. There are great promotional items that you can give away at these trade shows:

  • Umbrellas: Umbrellas often stand out compared to other promotional items in trade events, because they are not too common. Umbrellas allow for larger logos, which improve the visibility of your brand. It is easy for people to spot your company’s logo and names from far away. They are useful and practical, especially in countries with largely wet climate. Umbrellas should easily find their way into the everyday life of customers. To improve practicality, umbrellas can be closed down to shorter length, so it will be usable for business-people. Umbrellas are not trendy products, so they won’t go out of style. Businesses may order umbrellas in bulk to reduce costs.
  • Tote bags: Quality tote bags are often carried around the event, allowing many people to see your logo and company name. Tote bags are common giveaways and they are something that people love to use. People in trade shows often find that they need a good bag to carry brochures and other marketing materials. Giving away promotional tote bags can be a sure-fire strategy to have people lined up. With tote bags, you may use positive messages, such as “stop using plastic bags” to get in on campaigns related to environments. If your tote bags are well designed and durable, they can be used for months or even years to come. This will become a real return on your marketing budget. Promotional tote bags, should also allow you to put good-sized logo.
  • Pens: Pens are affordable and you can always give them out generously. Everyone uses a pen and they won’t turn it down. Regardless of age group or gender, pens should have universal appeal. Although pens are affordable, you should make sure that they are usable for a long time. They represent the reputation of your brand. If promotional pens stop working after a few uses, potential customers may also associate this with your products. This will poorly affect your marketing effort.

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