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What to consider when choosing a blast helmet

Blast helmets are vital safety equipment while sandblasting. As such, several considerations go into picking the ideal blast helmet. Top of the list is safety; an ideal helmet should protect you while working and should be able to withstand the harshest blasting environments. The Nova 3 sandblasting helmet offers you just that and should be on top of your list while shopping for a helmet.

Here are more factors to consider:

The intended blasting area
The nature of the space you will be blasting should guide you on your purchase. For example, if you are working in tight spaces consider using a helmet that allows easier movement. While working in a lowly lit area, go for a helmet that allows you to have better visibility.

Duration of the job
While selecting a helmet for your blasting job, consider the time you will spend at the blasting site. If you will spend a lot of time at the blasting site, go for a lighter helmet that allows for maximum comfort while working. Some sandblasters have complained of neck and back pains after a blasting job. However, going for a comfortable helmet ensures there is less pressure on your neck even after lengthened blasting periods.

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Level of protection required
Different blasting jobs require different types of helmets; for example, some are ideal for abrasive blasting while others are not. For regular blasters, go for a hardy helmet that offers more protection like the Nova 3 sandblasting helmet. The helmet is specially designed to offer you the necessary protection in such conditions.

Prevailing weather conditions
Prevailing weather conditions should guide your choice of a helmet. If you are working in a hot environment, go for a helmet that facilitates airflow to regulate your body temperature. Also, if you intend to work in warmer conditions, you are bound to sweat more, hence go for a machine washable helmet.

This is probably one of the most vital elements to consider while looking for the perfect sandblasting helmet. To start with, the conditions in which you work in, determine the durability of your helmet. However, before purchasing ensure that the manufacturer has offered you a warranty against defects in material and functionality. Durable helmets will save you the cost of having to replace helmets regularly.

A Nova 3 sandblasting helmet goes beyond protecting you while at work. It is a comfortable helmet to work in, and it is ideal for working in tough environments. Also, it is long lasting and can be used multiple times with minimal depreciation to its quality. Essentially, the helmet offers you complete value for your money.

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