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Which rating sources should you consider when you choose a gold dealer?

Buying precious metals like gold has never been an easy task. When you make these investments, you need to do a lot of homework. Independent rating sources come to your rescue when you buy precious metals. When you check out the top gold ira reviews, you get a comprehensive idea about the prices, quality of products, the genuineness of the metals and other aspects. You may count on websites that provide a consolidated review, incorporating information from the leading independent rating platforms. The leading review websites integrate information from the following sources.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

This is one of the most reliable sources of information about a company. Better Business Bureau is a non-profit organization, providing millions of reviews and ratings. Websites carrying reviews about Liquid Gold Poppers and precious metal dealers count on BBB for authentic information. They complement this data with information from other sources to present a detailed report about the profiles of the dealers. They consider as many as eight standards while rating a company.

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Business Consumer Alliance

This platform is operational since 1928 and has assisted companies to regulate the quality of their products. They help the precious metal dealers to resolve the complaints of their customers. When you go through the top gold ira reviews in websites based on these reports, you get credible information about the standard of the company. They rate the companies from AAA to F, based on their profile and performance.


TrustLink is a platform, founded in 2008 by BBB, where customers share their experiences about different products. It is a reliable forum where the review websites find authentic information about gold dealers. More than a million business firms are listed with TrustLink and the customers share their feedback on the platform. When you choose a rating website, make sure that they consider these feedbacks presented on TrustLink.

Ripoff report

This is one of the most reliable platforms to detect scams, dishonesty and lies which dealers adopt to misinterpret information to their customers. The platform was founded in 1999 and serves as a reliable source of information. Review websites evaluating the merits of gold dealers consult these reports before presenting the profiles of companies.

The compiled information from all these sources ensure that you get a detailed view of the precious metal dealers. The review websites consider both the pros and cons of these companies while presenting the reports. It ensures that the new buyers rely on an established brand with an impressive track record.

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