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Winter fridge van hire

If you are a food vendor attending events being held in honour of Christmas and New Year then don’t forget that your refrigeration must be adequate and follow legislation.

If you require additional space why not consider fridge van hire so that you can meet demands without overloading your current facilities.

If you require a freezer van rather than refrigeration this is equally easily to arrange.

The same firms normally serve both needs. For example, Icecool Trailers in Newbury offer cost effective and excellently maintained fridge trailer hire and freezer trailers for any duration.

Fridge van hire (and freezer van hire) offer flexibility and freedom to the user.

  • The client collects the van at an appointed time and will be given an overview of the facilities so that they have full confidence in the fridge van hire controls and benefits.
  • The client has self-drive freedom.
  • Facilities can be used as you wish so if you spend one day at an event then move to another there is no issue with relocating the van, simply drive it to its next destination.

Please note that with self-drive you will incur fuel costs and the continual maintenance of the vehicle by the hire firm to keep it in excellent condition can make the hire cost greater than if you hire fridge trailers or cold rooms.

However, this is not prohibitive and the usual arrangement is that any fuel used must be replaced.

If you pick up the fridge van hire or freezer van with a full tank of petrol, then it should be returned with a full tank which is not an unreasonable demand.

Every fridge and freezer van hire must meet legislative standards. This is guaranteed with reputable companies. The Food Safety Act 1990 states that every food related firm and worker must:

  • Make certain that nothing is added, removed or treated in a way which could damage the health of people consuming it.
  • Serving milk which warmed  because it was left out of the fridge.
  • Food should be labelled, advertised and presented honestly.
  • i.e. If one component of the dish is out of date then it is all out of date and unsellable.
  • Food served and/or sold is of a substance and quality which consumers would reasonably expect.
  • e.g. A chicken dish which has only one small piece of rubbery chicken in it will fall far short of expectations.

This, you might think, is restating the obvious but it is staggering how many food vendors try to cut costs and compromise food safety levels by ignoring legislation, often with very unwelcome results including food poisoning, legal action, fines and sometimes closure.

Ensure than through fridge van hire or freezer van hire every item that you serve is at optimum quality. The fees for van hire cost considerably less than a legal battle.

Speak to a professional legislation adhering fridge and freezer van hire firm today to book your vital facilities.

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